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What Makes
Us Different?

Gaon Plastic Surgery has developed a reputation for clinical excellence and an artistic touch. Our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of patient care sets us apart, as does our relentless pursuit of perfection in all that we do.

At our plastic surgery practice, we provide a unique level of patient-centered concierge care. Every patient works closely and collaboratively with Dr. Mark Gaon, from initial consultations to post-surgical follow-ups. We encourage patients to become active participants in their treatment because this approach allows patients to achieve their ideal results.



Gaon Plastic Surgery continually invests in the latest aesthetic technologies because we believe our patients deserve the very best. One of our latest investments is Renuvion Cosmetic Technology, which was recently approved by the FDA. This innovative breakthrough allows our patients to achieve their body sculpting goals.

This minimally invasive procedure effectively tightens the skin in precisely targeted areas. It requires only a small entry point in the skin, and can be performed under local anesthesia. Renuvion may be performed in conjunction with liposuction for optimal results.

Dr. Mark Gaon – Cosmetic Surgeon - Gaon Plastic Surgery

Our History

Gaon Plastic Surgery was founded by Dr. Mark Gaon, a third-generation physician who was born and raised in the Newport Beach area. Dr. Gaon earned his pre-med degree at Stanford University, followed by his medical degree at Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and his advanced fellowship training in plastic surgery at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Initially, Dr. Gaon was a reconstructive surgeon in Maryland, where he worked with patients with diverse needs. Later, he came back to the West Coast to focus on breast reconstruction and facial procedures. Dr. Gaon founded Gaon Plastic Surgery in order to provide a greater level of individualized care to each of his patients. At Gaon Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on being one of the few to offer concierge-level care that empowers our patients and us to become true partners in the cosmetic surgery journey.

Board Certified,
Not just a
Cosmetic Surgeon

There are plenty of decisions to be made when you’re thinking about having plastic surgery. By far, the most important one is the plastic surgeon you choose. Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon assures you that your doctor is highly skilled, trained, and credentialed. This means there is a reduced risk of complications and a higher likelihood of patient satisfaction. Dr. Mark Gaon is proud to have obtained board certification through the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

Personal Touch

At Gaon Plastic Surgery, our personalized approach is our hallmark characteristic. Dr. Gaon will design a fully customized treatment plan for you, based on your aesthetic concerns, goals, lifestyle, and health issues.

During your consultation with Dr. Gaon, you will experience the difference a personalized approach can make as you become an active participant in your own care. Here, your voice is always heard and your opinion always matters.

Gaon Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery as Art

Although Dr. Gaon is well-known for his exceptional clinical skills, he has also developed an enduring reputation for unmatched artistry. Dr. Gaon’s artistic touch has been carefully developed through years of experience performing a wide range of complex surgeries. Here, we believe in enhancing our patients’ outer beauty to allow their inner beauty to shine.

At Gaon Plastic Surgery, we accept nothing less than perfection. Schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Gaon to begin your journey toward a brand new you.

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