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What are Laser Procedures?

Laser skin resurfacing is an exciting innovation that allows providers to use select wavelengths of light to precisely target skin blemishes. For example, we can use lasers to improve the skin tone and texture, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, soften acne scars, and even address vascular lesions like broken blood vessels, which can otherwise be difficult to treat. Because laser skin resurfacing is so versatile, it’s one of our most commonly requested treatments here at Gaon Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Gaon’s Approach

At Gaon Plastic Surgery, we pursue perfection every day. Our mission is to help our patients feel confident in their appearance through the use of treatments that are proven safe and effective. As a fellowship-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Gaon is committed to upholding high standards of patient care and safety.

Dr. Gaon’s approach to laser skin resurfacing embraces the individuality of each patient. “We customize your care by choosing the laser technology and wavelength that is best suited to your skin and its needs,” says Dr. Gaon. Indeed, Dr. Gaon strongly encourages patients to become active participants in the development of their treatment plans.

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